Direct Message Marketing

Direct Heroes is the First Fully Automated
Social CRM and Chat Bot for Instagram Direct.
Direct Message Marketing

Build Powerful Campaigns

Drag & Drop

Drag & Drop

Our drag and drop builder has you set up and running in no time. No programming required. Just connect your Instagram account and go!

Flow Builder


Create easy to see Flow campaigns to understand how each step will run.


Stories, Ads, Post, Direct, and much more. Direct Heroes has unheard of capabilities of having users subscribe and stay engaged.

Elements & Integrations

Simple elements and Integrations helps you understand your subscribers and keeps you ahead of your competition.

Flow Builder

Join the other heroes of Instagram


followers gained


messages sent



Generate more Leads


Direct Heroes cutting edge tracking systems keeps you up-to-date with your Instagram accounts and campaigns analytics.


Build a list before your list. Turn your fans into subscribers and start to collect more information off them today.


More in-depth analytic tracking your subscribers engagement with you and your business. We give you the ability grade each user specifically, giving you the power to reward your most loyal fans.


Schedule broadcast campaigns to exact subscribers by our easy to use tagging and segmenting process.

Live Chat

A more one on one support for you and your subscribers to talk. Direct Heroes gives you the ability to speak to each and every person live.


    Why Direct Heroes?

    With Direct Heroes we teach you the best practices with Instagram and how to stay ahead of your competitors. After a fan interacts with us, turning them into subscribers, we have the ability to set up additional marketing campaigns to stay in front of your followers at all times.

    Direct messaging is one of the best ways to communicate with your following. Whether it be for marketing, sales or even support purposes, letting your followers know you are here for them is a great way to convert, while increasing engagement on your profile.

    Four types of ROI

    Return on Investment

    1. Subscriber

    Providing value to have a user enter our campaigns.

    2. Follower

    Continuing to build a stronger relationship to gain them as a follower.

    3. Engagement

    Become omnipresent with love and support to increase your profiles engagement.

    4. Sales

    Focusing on the top 3 ROIs, we reverse engineer on how your fans interact with your business bringing in stronger, and longer lasting sales.

    See what others are saying

    I’m an affiliate marketer and i do most of my marketing on Instagram. And for the last 5-6 months i’ve been using the Instagram bot. It has brought so many leads into my funnel; its Amazing. My favourite feature is the Story Bot, i use it all the time!

    -Melody Japinoski

    I've been involved with DH for the last 9 months and it has been phenomenal. My Instagram channel for my business has about 55k followers and the features available with the platform make the management so much easier. The engagement feature allows me to connect with my audience in a way that's very natural.

    -Terence Young

    Prior to using Direct Heroes, i've been direct messaging all my followers but what i found is that my engagement rates have really increased, once i implemented the correct sequences. People felt they were conversing with a real human person. My engagement and opt-in rates really increased by tailor making coversations.

    -Jacqui Williams

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