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Instagram Desktop Direct Messaging
Article by: Devon Mayor
How to Answer Instagram Messages on Your Desktop
Direct Messaging Instagram

I don’t know about you, but here at Direct Heroes we were pumped about Instagram’s announcement on Friday, launching the ability to now send and receive direct messages on Instagram from your desktop. 

Moving strictly from a mobile platform, the capability to direct message from your desktop, now makes it easier for those of us who use Instagram all the time to privately communicate with followers. With direct messaging being the future of social media (by the way that’s not just us saying this, but Mark Zuckerberg too), this gives you another way to level up your marketing game. 

Answering direct messages on your desktop is super easy as well! Take everything you know about sending or answering a message on mobile and apply it when you’re on your desktop. When using the desktop platform you’ll also be able to: 

  • Create groups (more on that below)
  • Double tap to like a message
  • Share photos 
  • Start a DM from the messaging platform or from a profile page
  • Add emojis
  • Enable notifications for Instagram on your browser
  • See the total number of unread messages you have

Although you can create groups of direct messages/followers on Instagram, the Direct Heroes platform has a dropdown menu that makes it easy to create filters in order to further segment your audience or organize by campaign. If you’re not sure what segmentation means, it’s simply dividing your audience into groups based on characteristics they have in common. 

If you really want to rock your direct messaging game, filtering your audiences is extremely important. Segmentation allows you to:

  • Better identify products or services for different target audiences—In e-commerce for example, if a follower messaged or opted into a campaign about children’s clothes, sending information to them about basketball sneakers might not resonate with them.
  • Show your followers that you’re listening—By sending them offers that are relevant to them it shows them that you’re listening and want to find a product that best meets their needs. Using the example above, sending them updates related to a new children’s line you’re launching, as well as a coupon.
  • Send them information based on where they are in the buyer’s journey—There’s no use in sending basic information about your product/service, when your follower is ready to purchase or has already purchased and is now looking for information on how to use it. 
  • Budgeting—Investing in marketing to specific groups that is likely to convert, based on past behaviour.  
  • Use your resources and manpower more effectively—Creating effective marketing that will resonate and connect with particular groups, as opposed to wasting your time developing material that certain audiences might not be interested in. 
  • Filter by campaign—Direct Heroes allows you to organize and compartmentalize followers who opt into specific messaging campaigns.

Direct Heroes also gives you the ability to ‘favourite’ power users, purchasers or specific followers, keeping them at the top of your messaging list. By doing this you can offer these followers exclusive promo codes, let them know about product launches before others, as well as connect with them in other ways and treat them like a VIP. 

If you want to know more about how direct messaging can change the way you market for the better, drop us a line. We want to help you join the list of other top influencers and brands that have used our platform to accelerate their social media marketing. 

Devon Mayor