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Article by: Devon Mayor
How to direct message hundreds of people at once.
Direct Messaging

With direct messaging poised as the future of social media, can you imagine how much simpler your marketing efforts would be if you could message hundreds of people at once on Instagram? Direct Heroes has now made this a reality, with our innovative, safe, CRM platform that allows you to create direct, conversational funnels on Instagram at a scale. 

You might be thinking, that is great and everything, but how would I actually direct message hundreds of people at once? Or more importantly, how would I do this effectively? Don’t worry you are not alone! Let’s face it, having the ability to message hundreds of people at once is amazing, but can also be extremely intimidating. Below are some tips to help you get started and move forward with your Direct Heroes campaign with confidence. 

Although much of marketing is based on the power of persuasion, it is done most effectively when your audience feels as though they have some control over the outcome. Looking at this like one would look at sports, it’s important that your followers are not sidelined or sitting in the stands, but rather are active participants that contribute to the success of the game. This is achieved in direct messaging through opt-ins. 

Opt-ins are quite simply permission by the customer to allow the marketer to send them additional information. For example, a common opt-in that is used is ‘DM me a keyword for exclusive offers or content’. Going back to the sports analogy, it’s their official sign-up to the team—your team. As the marketer you are then their coach, responsible for pointing them in the right direction—you guessed it, to your services, products, platform, etc. But you must approach this strategically. 

Getting an opt-in is extremely powerful, but as Spider-Man once said, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” A person that has opted into your brand has expressed interest in what you have to offer, but it is now up to you to follow through with valuable content. Another great thing about receiving an opt-in is that they can now be added to your subscriber list, allowing you to reach out to them both now and in the future. Check out this article on building your email list with direct messaging. 

Providing a follower with great content should make the individual feel special, part of an exclusive club or your team’s VIP.  The biggest mistake you can make here is providing them with content that they had access to without opting-in. It’s time for you to bring your A game and assure your follower that they made the right decision by opting-in—this builds trust. One way that you can ensure you’re on the right track with this is to ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What information could I provide that would assist my followers with their goals?
  2. Do I have tips that have worked for me in the past, which could also work for them?
  3. If I was in their position, what sort of insight would I be looking for? 

It might be easy at this point to spam them with tons of information about your products or services. But the best teammates are the ones who build others up and help them achieve their goals—use this chance to be the most valuable player, sprinkled with dashes of your product or service on top. 

Here’s some ideas for great opt-in content:

  • E-books
  • Resource lists
  • Guides 
  • Exclusive videos or podcasts
  • Tip sheets
  • A strategy phone call
  • Giveaways
  • Offers

Remember that no matter what you provide the keys are value and exclusivity. Your content should also have a strong call-to-action that allows them to continue down the conversational funnel and entices them to act in order to see what you have to offer next. At Direct Heroes we have a 98% open rate. This means that you don’t have to worry about your content being opened, but you do have to focus on it being read and acted upon. No need to worry though because we are here to help! 

Where your conversational funnel will go after here, depends on the nature of your campaign. But what is so great about the Direct Heroes platform is our focus on personalization. Through working with you and crafting questions to ask your followers as they proceed through the conversational funnel, we can further narrow down their needs allowing you to provide them with customized service and products. This is extremely powerful and gets you exactly where you need to be in order to increase sales, followers or drive people to your platform.  

Are you ready to get started? Let’s go! 

Devon Mayor