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Article by: Devon Mayor
Talentless Case Study: Increase follower count and engagement using direct messaging.
Direct Messaging

At Direct Heroes we’re fortunate that we get to work with some amazing brands— Talentless is no exception. 

An e-commerce fashion company from Los Angeles, owned by Scott Disik, the brand boasts minimalist style clothing for men, women and children, with a unique new age colour pallet. A team built up of creators, innovators and influencers, who have gone against traditional methods of what it means to be ‘talented’, Talentless appeals to those who are looking to create their own path both in style and life.


Talentless approached us with a desire to increase their already impressive Instagram following, as well as their engagement among these followers. Additionally, they wanted to build their email list and their Direct Heroes subscriber list. 

Although we explain in our post How to build an email list using direct messaging, the way that Direct Heroes can help boost your email collection efforts, our Direct Heroes subscribers list is an additional powerful secret weapon, allowing you to build community and provide updates to those who have opted into receiving this messaging. What’s even better is that this messaging can be further segmented depending on how specific followers interact with your brand, allowing you to send future messaging through Instagram that is tailored to their needs and desires. In essence, it allows you to get to know your followers on a deeper level and connect with them in a way that shows them that you’re really listening. 

How did we do it?

Offering a gift card of $1000 to spend at Talentless, we built this e-commerce brand a five day campaign. After Talentless posted a photo on their timeline with the $1000 offer, both current and prospective followers were guided to: 

  1. Send an opt-in keyword in a direct message (their entry into the contest).
  2. Continue through a series of engaging actions like posting the contest in their stories (with a further incentive of 20% off their purchase), as well as commenting and liking the post, which gained them more entries into the grand prize contest. 

Once the campaign was over Talentless publicly announced the winner on their Instagram feed and offered an additional 15% off to everyone who entered, to show their appreciation. 

This very simple campaign garnered outstanding results. 

Hero Highlights:

The Talentless campaign was a huge success and achieved the following:

  • A 97% email opt-in rate
  • 80% email open rate (impressive considering the e-commerce industry average is only 8%) 
  • A free 1.7 million viral organic reach
  • Over 10,000 comments 

All in only five days!

Tailored for E-Commerce

Although Direct Heroes works with many different types of brands, our platform is tailored for e-commerce, allowing our clients an opportunity to increase their bottom line by encouraging engagement not just during the campaign, but also long after it’s complete.  

We help you accomplish this by:

  • Creating customer lifecycles and conversational funnels that keep both current and prospective followers engaged. 
  • Automatically segmenting audiences into groups allowing for a more personalized experience. 
  • Providing discounts to valuable clients or specific audiences where you’d like to increase engagement. 
  • Ability to offer post-purchase appreciation and follow up. 
  • And so much more! 

If you’re an e-commerce brand looking for a commonsense approach to Instagram direct marketing, with help from those who are pioneering the future of social media, get in touch with us today and let’s get started. 

Devon Mayor