Direct Heroes Safe? Let us tell you why we are
Direct Heroes abides by Instagram and their platform by:
Our team at Direct Heroes strictly enforce any spam while using our tool. We assure you that Direct Heroes stays genuine and has meaningful interactions. By no means, does Direct Heroes participate in any “like”, “share”, “comment” or “follower” exchange tools. Instagram Privacy Policy, A. General Terms, 17: "Don't participate in any 'like', 'share', 'comment' or 'follower' exchange programs."
Although Direct Heroes is a 3rd party platform, we respect all limits Instagram provides and don’t change the way it looks and functions. Instagram Privacy Policy, A. General Terms, 24: "Respect the limits we've placed on Instagram functionality and the way Instagram looks and functions. Don't offer experiences that change it."
Direct Heroes uses a secure opt- in / subscribe method for your audience to enter any campaign. Direct Heroes does not contact people for any commercial purposes without their consent. Instagram Community Guidelines, Long Form, Point 3: "Foster meaningful and genuine interactions."
With our technology, we help personalize, protect and improve not only our customers, but Instagram with their service at a large scale by them ensure the integrity of the platforms fast growing community. Instagram Terms Of Instagram, The Instagram Service, Point 3: "Developing and using technologies that help us consistently serve our growing community."