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Frequently Asked Questions
How do my consumers opt in to my campaigns?
Direct Heroes provides two ways for our contacts to subscribe to our messaging campaigns.1. Keyword2. Story mention + Hashtag
Can I send a DM to all my existing followers?
No, with Direct Heroes, you do not have the ability to message your existing followers or do any cold outreach. From the time you connect and run your first messaging campaign, the contacts that subscribe to your list are the only users we are able to continue conversation with
Where does the conversation happen?
Natively through your DMs (Direct Messages) on the Instagram platform. We want to create the least amount of friction between you and your contacts as well as keep them on Instagram to build a better community.
What is a DM contact?
A user that opts-in or subscribes into your messaging campaigns.
Can a contact unsubscribe?
Yes, contacts in your subscriber list have the ability to unsubscribe from all of your messaging campaigns.
How many Direct Messages can I send in a day?
With our continual R&D, we stay within the limits provided and allow approximately 50,000 messages per Instagram account per day.
Will Direct Heroes grow my Instagram following?
Direct Heroes was not built to focus on Instagram follower growth. It is a tool to drive communication through your DMs which indirectly helps grow your Instagram account following. Focusing on building a better community and more personal relationships.